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Trading is Human

Human Insight and AI Precision, AI-Powered Trading Alerts, AI and Data Analytics, Credit Trading

Human Insight and AI Precision

At the heart of trading lies a quintessentially human endeavor: the art of decision-making and negotiation. When individuals engage in trade, they embark on a journey of weighing costs and benefits, evaluating the quality and value of offerings, and negotiating terms for a mutually beneficial agreement. These skills are uniquely human, rooted in our capacity for discernment and communication. Trading transcends mere transactions; it is a social activity that thrives on trust, cooperation, and interpersonal communication.

This trust is underpinned by a rich tapestry of social norms and institutions, including contracts, laws, and cultural traditions. While technology has revolutionized trade, it remains a fundamental aspect of human society, a testament to our capacity for cooperation and exchange.

Here at Deep Market Making, we uphold the principle that trading is inherently a human endeavor as we develop our models and software. Our aim is to empower clients with insights grounded in accuracy and transparency, illuminating the factors underpinning our real-time bond prices. We seek to instill confidence in our clients, providing them with the tools to leverage AI effectively in their trading pursuits. We liken this transformative experience to arming a human with a powerful new data weapon, enabling them to transcend into a trading superhuman.

While AI continues to advance, we firmly believe it cannot supplant human traders in the credit markets. Machines, regardless of their intelligence, can only execute predefined objectives. Trading is a collaborative endeavor — a two-party activity that necessitates human direction. The humans set the objectives for the machine to follow, ensuring that trading cannot be fully automated without human supervision. This fundamental truth is reflected in the predominance of OTC trading in credit markets.

We augment the human brain with an additional 50+ layers through a second AI brain. These layers unleash unparalleled computational power into the trader’s hands. The trader remains in the cockpit, directing decisions, but now with the assistance of an AI assistant capable of providing real-time data in ways the human brain could never achieve alone.

At Deep Market Making, we eliminate the tedium of repetitive processes inherent in bond pricing checklists, enabling market makers to sidestep potential “land mine” trades that could impact their P&L negatively. We enhance time efficiency, productivity, and profitability for each trader who chooses to don the cape of a trading superhero. We empower traders to focus on the nuanced “proprietary” factors that only a human mind can comprehend when determining their trading strategies.

Please feel free to reach out to the team here at Deep Market Making if you’re interested in harnessing the power of AI while honoring the essence of human insight in the dynamic world of trading.

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